Takeshi Kubota(窪田 健志) has been a member of the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra since 2010 and has held the principal timpani/percussion position since 2013. ​

He was born in Osaka in 1983, and his first contact with percussion (Drum set) was ​at four years old. He graduated ​from Tokyo National University of ​Fine ​Arts and ​Music (​known in Japan as Geidai) and got a master degree under Makoto Aruga and Takafumi Fujimoto. ​He participated in several music festival​s as a student​, ​including Pacific Music Festival 2004, Argerich Music Festival 2004​/2005 ​and Ozawa Seiji Ongaku-juku 2005 in China. 
He has been to Europe and ​the USA to study timpani ​with Mr. Roland Ko​hloff, John Beck, Maarten der Fark and Marinus Komst.

He ​has several awards for his percussion recitals including  Excellence Award in the National Arts Festival (Agency for Cultural Affairs) 2019 and Best Artist pri​ze 2013 in Nagoya ​Civic ​Art ​Festival, Aoyama music award 2013 in Kyoto​. He has also commissioned several pieces (​by Masanori Kato for vibraphone, Masato Suzuki and Kenji Sakai for timpani, and Aoi Yamakawa for marimba) ​which were ​published by Zen-on Music and Schott Music (without Yamakawa) Japan.

He ​has performed timpani under ​prestigious conductors such as Gergiev, Mazur, Luisi, Bosse, Myung-hung, Ozawa, Atzumon and more. He has even played as a soloist with ​the Nagoya Philharmonic, Geidai ​Philharmonic and Aichi Chamber Orchestra.
Takeshi splits his time playing timpani and percussion ​with the Nagoya Philharmonic, playing as a guest player for other orchestra​s (NHK ​Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra ​Ensemble Kanazawa), ​his percussion ensemble 'Kubotta Percussion Quartet', ​and solo recital​s for multiple percussion. He ​also teaches adjunct a​t Nagoya College of Music and Kikuzato ​High ​School.
He especially enjoys Baroque music and owns a set of baroque timpani. He studied baroque performance and baroque dance at ​a seminar in Poland in 2017. He love​s classical music and play​ing Bach on keyboard percussion.